New Chemical Trading Co., Ltd entrance digitalsignage

新ケミカル商事株式会社様 エントランス デジタルサイネージ





We produced a cylindrical digital signage video for the entrance of the new office of New Chemical Trading Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “NCT”) at their new Kitakyushu Head Office (Kokura, Kitakyushu City).

As a chemical trading company, NCT handles products that will lead to the future and is involved in a variety of initiatives. In order to make a further leap forward “from Kitakyushu to the all over the country and the world,” NCT implemented a renewal project for its flagship headquarters. The overall concept of the project, “an attractive office with the ability to communicate,” was also considered in the signage images, with the aim of creating content that is bright, full of life, surprising, and fun.

NCT’s business activities evoke an infinite future and diversity. This is expressed in the animation of an astronaut landing on a future star. The entrance serves as a starting point for the entire office to become a space that generates ideas and creativity.

Client : コクヨマーケティング株式会社
Producer : 土井 昌徳
Director : 勝目 咲
CG Design : 勝目 咲 / 茅 英太 / 渡邉 倫子 / 竹田 有哉
Production Manager : 堀本 光明