We produced a music video for the new song ‘forever’ by the music unit am8 (AM8), which has taken unique creative actions such as releasing and continuously distributing analogue records and appointing unique featured singers.

Based on am8’s concept of “incorporating real events in the world into our work”, the song is about the endless conflict and sadness and the tragedy of sudden disasters, and how we should think and act. This song contains the message “How should we think and act” in the face of endless conflict and sadness, and the tragedy of sudden disasters.

The song is inspired by the story of a protagonist living in today’s rapidly changing world with conflicts and doubts, optimising himself in an imperfect world and moving towards the future.

The guest singer in this work is Tanaka, a multi-creator, rapper, singer and songwriter active in Dios.
A 3D model of Tanaka, who appears in the music video, was created using a technique called Photogrammetry, which uses dozens of cameras placed 360° around the subject to capture and reconstruct 3D data based on the captured data.

We hope you enjoy the music video created with this new technology and the floating sound that is typical of am8.

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Client : デザインボーイ
Producer : 土井 昌徳
Director : 土井 昌徳
CG Design : 土井 昌徳 / 勝目 咲 / 茅 英太 / 渡邉 倫子
Production Manager : 堀本 光明