Kabuki-za Gallery special exhibition 'Welcome to the Kabuki-za.-MR



2023年11月に歌舞伎座ギャラリーにて開催されたインバウンド対応型企画展「ようこそ歌舞伎座へ。」にて実施された、片岡愛之助出演の映像作品『梅王丸ができるまで ~梅王帯曳愛~(うめおうおびのひきあい)』のスクリーン上映会にて、MRヘッドセットを装着し鑑賞する未来型の体験型コンテンツのMRデザイン・CG制作を担当しました。



MR…MR(複合現実)はMixed Reality の略称で現実空間と仮想世界を融合させて見せる技術。

The MR design and CG production of futuristic experiential content was created for the screen screening of the film Ume-oh-bi no Hikiai (Until Ume-oh-maru is made – Ume-oh-obi no Hikiai) starring Ainosuke Kataoka, which was held at the Kabuki-za Gallery in November 2023, with the audience wearing MR headsets.

Wearing an MR headset enables new viewing experiences, such as multi-lingual floating subtitles and virtual performances, so that a wide range of people who have never had the opportunity to see Kabuki before can enjoy it.

The production and design structure was carefully adapted and designed so that the characters and subtitles appearing through the headsets would fit comfortably into the realistic setting.

MR. MR is an acronym for Mixed Reality, a technology that blends real space and virtul words.

Client : 松竹株式会社
Producer : 土井 昌徳
Director : 土井 昌徳
CG Design : 勝目 咲 / 茅 英太 / 渡邉 倫子
Production Manager : 堀本 光明