Nuzzle Co Ltd's new product launch event-Plojection mapping

株式会社Nuzzle 新作発表会


ヘア&メイクアップアーティストのイガリシノブさんがプロデュースする「WHOMEE」や、オールワンコインコスメ「Kirei & co.」などを主に取り扱う株式会社Nuzzleの新作発表会にて、イベントの総合演出および映像制作を担当しました。

今回のイベントテーマは「Nuzzle studio」。


We were responsible for the overall direction and video production of each booth at Nuzzle Co Ltd’s new product launch event, which focused on WHOMEE by hair and make-up artist Shinobu Igari and the all-in-one coin cosmetics Kirei & co.

The theme of this event was ‘Nuzzle studio’.
We have created a make-up show production, utilising a 25m wide screen , The projection of concept images onto the booths of each brand, and the projection onto the floor so that even the feet can be seen.
We have created an extraordinary immersive experience, as if you had walked into a glittering TV studio.

Many people attended the event.
In addition to trendy new cosmetics such as WHOMEE, visitors enjoyed an exhibition of the hottest new products for spring, including cosmetics from the new MIRUMU cosmetics brand, which will be available in drugstores nationwide on Tuesday 19 March and brings out the individual charm of each person through personal colour.

Client : Shirobako
Producer : 土井 昌徳
Director : 勝目 咲
Event Director : 鈴木 晋二
CG Design : 勝目 咲 / 茅 英太 / 渡邉 倫子
Production Manager : 山田 梨紗 / 堀本 光明