Aichi Children's Center Asobi Lab-Projection mapping

愛知県児童総合センターあそびラボ プロジェクションマッピング


愛知県児童総合センター(愛知県長久手市 愛・地球博記念公園(モリコロパーク)内)にて、プロジェクションマッピングの常設展示を担当しました。




We were in charge of a permanent exhibition of projection mapping at the Aichi Children’s Center(Nagakute City, Aichi in Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park(Moricoro Park)).

Piano and harp robots appear and dance to the sound. We created a space where children can enjoy singing and dancing together.

The robot that was used for the 3D video is a robot produced by Osamu Tezuka and exhibited at the 1970 Osaka World’s Fair, which is displayed in the “Robot Theater” on the first floor of the center.
The robots that entertained children in those days have been digitized to extend the playtime of today.
We hope that not only children but also the whole family will enjoy them.

The Aichi Children’s Center offers a variety of play activities so that children can have experiences that promote healthy development of mind and body through play.
Please enjoy the new sensory contents that cross intellectual education and projection mapping.

Client : 愛知県 / 株式会社乃村工藝社
Director : 土井 昌徳
Concept Planner : 鈴木 晋二
CG Design : 勝目 咲 / 茅 英太 / 渡邉 倫子 / 竹田 有哉
CG Cooperation : 髙橋 沙江 / 山田 竜生 / 吉村 梨乃
Production Manager:堀本 光明
Music : 佐伯 栄一