RINGO EXPO 18-Stage visual

椎名林檎 “(生)林檎博’18 -不惑の余裕-”


椎名林檎さんのデビュー20周年記念アリーナツアーの限定オープニングCG「機知との遭遇 – Sound & Vivision –」を制作。

We created the limited-edition opening computer graphics for Ringo Shiina’s 20th anniversary arena tour, “Encounter with the Unknown – Sound & Vivision. In homage to the movie “Encounter with the Unknown”, the artist’s “musical spark” is expressed through the light and digital sound transmitted by the giant spaceship, and the live orchestra that responds to it.

Client : vivision
CG Director : 土井 昌徳
Motion Design : 土井 昌徳 / 竹田 有哉 / 勝目 咲
Production Manager : 山田 梨紗